Workers’ Compensation

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Accidents can happen anytime. However, accidents at work should be handled by preventative care, and when they do occur, all parties should examine the accident to determine the cause and then hold the negligent party responsible.

The law requires employers to train all their employees in their respective duties properly and to provide sufficient worker’s compensation in case an accident should happen and the employee is hurt. The three types of accidents are permanent disability, in which a worker suffers an injury through cause of repetitive motion, temporary disability, in which a worker suffers an injury that can heal in relatively short time, and workplace injury. Workplace injuries can include:

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Improper training
  • Falls
  • Faulty machinery
  • General negligence

If an employee does suffer an injury in relation to their job, they are entitled to worker’s compensation to cover their medical expenses, pain and suffering, physical therapy needed as result of the accident, and compensation for lost wages due to time off work needed to heal.

The victim should first consult an experienced attorney, such as the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates, to make sure they receive all the compensation they are legally entitled to and to ensure this type of accident does not happen again.

Accidents cannot always be prevented, but an attorney can help you ensure that it is not repeated and help get the justice the victim and their loved ones deserve. The victim needs to file their claim as soon as their health allows so that they do not forfeit their claim to the statute of limitations.

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