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Owning a business would be an exciting and nerve-racking adventure. I would love the opportunity to call the shots. I could use creativity and collaboration with others to make systems that provide me and my employees with success. I also would enjoy training workers. I love to mentor people and I would find teaching people the skills to do a new job well very rewarding. On the other hand, owning a business comes with a ton of different responsibilities. It’s not always pretty, fun or rewarding. For every client, employee, and property, there is an amount of legal liability that comes with it. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a legal background that allows you to navigate the liability that comes with these things. I wanted to see how business owners navigate all of this without having a legal background and I found out about WorkSTEPS. They handle all sorts of employee processes, including dealing with injured workers.

If you own a business in construction, manufacturing, shipping, etc. you’re bound to have injuries on the job from time to time. There are of course measures you can put in place to lower risk and prevent the most serious injuries. But no matter what you do, accidents happen from time to time. When an employee ends up injured on the job, you want them to have everything they need to fully recover and return to work. The law actually provides a level of protection that forces me to give time off to injured employees. WorkSTEPS helps me to know when an employee is ready to return to work. They provide what is known as fit for duty evaluations. After an injury, WorkSTEPS will provide an evaluation of the employee to determine if they are ready to return to work and if they will be able to perform the essential tasks of the job. Employees have a right to not undergo full medical examinations, but they can undergo tests that measure how their specific injury may affect their ability to do day-to-day tasks.

The company also provide functional capacity evaluations. This is a medical examination that measures an employee’s functioning capacity. This test is helpful at the immediate time of injury. It helps to document the functioning capacity at the time of injury. The first test provides a baseline and then subsequent tests help employers to see progress as recovery happens. It helps employers to have realistic expectations as to how long recovery may take and what the employee may be able to do once they have returned to work.

The last great thing that they can do is measure the sincerity of effort. I understand that time off is great, and employees may be incentivized to fake a test in order for an extra week off, but I don’t want employees to be taking advantage of the system. WorkSTEPS has measures in place the can tell when a person is faking injured. All of these are super helpful services for a business owner!

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Workers’ Compensation

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Accidents can happen anytime. However, accidents at work should be handled by preventative care, and when they do occur, all parties should examine the accident to determine the cause and then hold the negligent party responsible.

The law requires employers to train all their employees in their respective duties properly and to provide sufficient worker’s compensation in case an accident should happen and the employee is hurt. The three types of accidents are permanent disability, in which a worker suffers an injury through cause of repetitive motion, temporary disability, in which a worker suffers an injury that can heal in relatively short time, and workplace injury. Workplace injuries can include:

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Improper training
  • Falls
  • Faulty machinery
  • General negligence

If an employee does suffer an injury in relation to their job, they are entitled to worker’s compensation to cover their medical expenses, pain and suffering, physical therapy needed as result of the accident, and compensation for lost wages due to time off work needed to heal.

The victim should first consult an experienced attorney, such as the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Robert Wilson & Associates, to make sure they receive all the compensation they are legally entitled to and to ensure this type of accident does not happen again.

Accidents cannot always be prevented, but an attorney can help you ensure that it is not repeated and help get the justice the victim and their loved ones deserve. The victim needs to file their claim as soon as their health allows so that they do not forfeit their claim to the statute of limitations.

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