Inside “Sham Marriage” Interviews

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The process of receiving a green card is a demanding task involving piles of paperwork, complex qualifications, and countless procedures. However, one of the fastest ways to obtain a green card is family based immigration via marriage. The USCIS estimates that 30 percent of alien and immigrant marriages are suspect of being fraudulent or a “sham.”

Before the couple is even granted an interview, they must submit towers of paperwork including biographic information, insurance account records, and form I-130 which establishes the couple as legally wed. According to the Austin immigration lawyers of the Law Office of William Jang, PLLC “to prove that the married couple has not entered into a “sham” marriage, the couple must already or intend to live together, join their assets, and be mutually responsible for any liabilities.”

This consular interview is usually the final phase of becoming a married couple in the U.S. It often takes place in the immigrant’s home country and it is required that both spouses are present. If the officer determines the marriage as suspect, the couple will enter the fraud unit. They are separated and are questioned for several hours. Some of the questions include:

How many people were at your wedding?

Do you or your spouse use contraception and if so, what kind?
Who does the cooking?

If you are standing at and facing your kitchen sink, where is the microwave oven?

According to the U.S. Government and Customs Enforcement, persons who are convicted of having a fraudulent marriage have committed a felony offense with a fine of up to $250,000. The strenuous interview process exists to ensure that the marriage is solidified and legitimate. So, if a U.S. citizen and an alien are looking to get married, they have to prepare for more than just the wedding.

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