The State Who Doesn’t Use Breaks

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With the rise of technology, the world has become more about convenience and speed. People want their food made fast, their internet connection fast, and of course, they want to get to their destination fast. According to Iowa car accident attorneys, 33% of all fatal car accidents can be attributed to speeding. Fatal car accidents are a serious reality today, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals the top state with fatal car accidents in 2014.

The top of the list is a state that prides themselves on being bigger, but in this case it doesn’t work in their favor. Texas had the most car accidents resulting in 3,193 total deaths. Texas has the fastest highway in the U.S. with a posted speed limit of 80-85 mph. This implementation was a cause for concern as many saw it as a huge safety hazard. According to the Boston car accident lawyer, speeding can cause the following conditions:

– Inability to stop suddenly
– Decreased visibility
– Increased nervousness of other drivers

Unsafe driving conditions have fatal consequences for the drivers and the economy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the economic cost to society from car accidents related to speeding is $40.4 billion. Texas shares a large portion of this cost with its dangerous highway conditions. Texas is also home to many highways, many of which are under constant construction, congested, and full of fast moving vehicles. I-35 and I-45 are in the top of the most dangerous highways in the state.

While a culmination of factors may lead to a car accident, it is ultimately the decisions of the driver that determines the safety of the road. According to LaMarca Law Group P.C., “Vehicular accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death…a large number of these accidents were likely caused by another person’s negligence.” Texas is not the only state with car safety issues, for the nation as a whole must face the issues of this fast-paced world.

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